7 Ways to Make Money as a Kid

Learn these 7 ways to make extra money as a kid and improve your allowance

It is common when children begin to understand about money and what it can provide to look for ways to supplement their allowance in order to purchase items of their interest, like toys or electronics.

Teaching them how to make extra money is critical so they can learn about it and take on more responsibilities.

Of course, the options for a underage person to earn money are limited, but there are many ways to try. In the United States, the minimum age to work is 14 years old, so they can start on a part time job, as of course parents will always be monitoring and tracking their performance in school.

If you want to help your child start making money, check out 7 ways to make money as a kid!

How to make money as a minor

1.    Do household and neighborhood chores

Teaching children to do household chores from an early age and over time reward them for it is a great way to encourage them to make extra money while helping around the house. Activities like washing the dishes, vacuuming the house, gardening and cleaning the pool are easy and simple to do. Afterwards, they can even offer neighbors to perform these tasks for a fair payment and include some others as they get older, like dogwalk and babysit.

2.    Sell ​​your old stuff at a bazaar or online

Everyone has objects like books, toys, materials and clothes that have been sitting for years without using them. A great way to get kids to earn extra money is to encourage them to do a bazaar, like garage sales or even online and sell all those things that are already out of use for them.

If you don’t have any items to sell, sell lemonade or candy.

3.    Teach something to other people

If you have a really good hobby or talent that can be taught to other people, like guitar lessons, cooking, or makeup, spread the word to those who might want to learn and teach it.

4.    Freelancer

It used to be common for children to work delivering newspapers around the neighborhood, but with the changes of the modern world, online work has gained more popularity. For teenagers, working as a freelancer can be an excellent option because of its flexible hours and simple jobs, depending on the service you offer.

5.    Be a tutor

For students who excel in certain disciplines, offering private lessons to friends and classmates who struggle with it as a tutor is also a great option to make extra money. Distribute flyers around school and libraries so you can publicize your work, but always remember to ask permission first.

6.    Take online surveys

Several big companies provide paid online surveys for people to answer and pay for it. An advantage of this type of work is that it is quick and simple, and can be done in free time. Although it doesn’t pay so well, if it’s the only option available, it can help you get some extra money.

7.    Find some regular job for kids

Even with child labor laws, there are many jobs suitable for minors, such as do some activities in their parents’s company and as a apprentice. It is worth remembering that doing some work as a kid to make money is ok, but school must be a priority and everything must be done under the supervision of their parents.

These were just a few ways to make money as a kid, but you can still find others, like monetizing on social media or on Twitch.

It is necessary to analyze the facilities and inclinations of the kid and find the form that best suits them.

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