Privacy Policy

Fineasier respects the privacy of its users and ensures transparency in the relationship with them. To demonstrate how such information is handled, we present our Privacy Policy, prepared in accordance with international and national data protection standards.

This Privacy Policy should be read and interpreted in conjunction with Fineasier’s General Terms and Conditions of Use, available at

It is important to note that the guidelines contained in this document do not apply to partner sites or other services related to them. Fineasier does not exercise any type of control over them and, therefore, is exempt from any responsibility in the relationships established between the User and the products and services of third parties disclosed on the blog.

If you want to access information about your personal data and/or request changes, deletion or treatment of them, just access our tab of Contact Us or access the URL and send a message to our Supervisor (Sam Nascimento – DPO) by choosing the option in Subject: “Talk to the DPO”.

If the user does not agree, even in part, with the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy, he/she should not access and/or use the contents offered by Fineasier. When using the blog, the User acknowledges and fully agrees with the treatment of their data, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

General information for users

Fineasier aims to share financial information with its Users, making economic knowledge accessible to everyone.

All Fineasier functions can be used without the User having to register beforehand.

Fineasier follows the international norms and standards of security in the storage, protection, privacy and transmission of data, emphasizing that no method of storage, protection, privacy and transmission of data is 100% safe and inviolable.

Fineasier does not send emails to its Users asking for money or confirmation of personal data.

Non-personal data

When Users do not request free content from Fineasier (e-books, quizzes and the like), non-personal data may be tracked and collected, indicating, among other details, which pages of the site were visited, when they were visited, which hyperlinks were clicked, what content or services were requested or indicated, among others.

Fineasier uses cookies to help collect data and IP (Internet Protocol) identification information to facilitate User navigation, helping to ensure data security, protection and authenticity.

The User may, at any time, change the acceptance or not of cookies in the configuration of his browser, noting that by disabling browsing cookies, some of Fineasier’s features may be impaired.

Personally Identifiable Information

To have access to free content on Fineasier, such as e-books, quizzes and the like, the user must provide some personally identifiable data, namely: e-mail and full name.

Personally identifiable data processed by Fineasier aims to:

– The correct and precise identification of the User, thus ensuring greater security and protection for the Users themselves;

– Access to services and products provided by Fineasier;

– Analysis of the profile of Users by Fineasier, with the objective of indicating the best products and information according to their real needs and reality.

In order to carry out an even more accurate analysis of the User’s profile, Fineasier will be able to carry out searches within its “feed” to obtain more and better information about you and, thus, indicate customized products and services according to preferences and needs. of each User.

Fineasier and partner companies may invite Users to participate in satisfaction surveys, where emails will be sent with the necessary guidelines. The data collected will be used to administer the survey, with the aim of seeking improvements in the systems, products, content and services offered by Fineasier and by partner companies.

If the User contacts us to report a problem, a question or obtain support from us, we collect and store the User’s contact information, as well as the respective messages and other data necessary to investigate the problem or question. This data will be used to resolve any queries based on the information collected, resolve doubts, correct problems and improve the system, improving the Fineasier User experience.

About sharing data

We do not share or even sell your data with third parties, however, they will be available and will be used by the companies of the ALL DIGITAL MARKETING Group, which is part of the Fineasier blog, this use will be made to provide relevant content/information about products and services that best suited to the needs of each User.

Fineasier reserves the right to assist or cooperate with any judicial authority or governmental body, and may share Users’ personally identifiable data in order to: a) establish or exercise their legal rights; b) protect its properties; c) when it considers that its assistance or cooperation is necessary to protect its Users, collaborators, administrators or any person harmed by the action or omission.

About how we protect your data

Our biggest concern is to protect your data, as we protect ours. For this reason, Fineasier adopts practices and technologies that are constantly being reviewed and improved, in line with national and foreign technical and regulatory advances. When we talk about protection, we are referring to any unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your data. To prevent this from happening, we invest in measures that include encrypted communications, access control, adherence to secure software development, internal compliance policies, and accountability and risk mitigation measures that enable security in the data lifecycle. User information is also stored in secure, renowned and internationally recognized databases.

About unprocessed and uncollected data

Fineasier does not process personal data of children under 13 (thirteen) years of age, without prior authorization from parents or legal guardians.

If there is the collection and processing of personal data from children under 13 (thirteen) years of age, without the express authorization of parents or legal guardians, in an unintentional way, Fineasier will delete all data collected, without any kind of notice. prior.

If the User knows that we have mistakenly processed a child’s data, we ask that he/she immediately contact us, through the blog itself, so that we can take the necessary measures.


Fineasier uses services from other companies to display ads on the site, such as Google AdSense. These advertisements contain Cookies and/or Web Beacons to collect data in the process of displaying advertisements from these third-party companies. Fineasier does not have access to and is not responsible for the data and information collected by third-party companies.

Modification of the privacy policy

The Privacy Policy may be amended, supplemented or replaced at any time, at the sole discretion of those responsible for Fineasier, without the consent or notification of the Users.