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Our company was created in 2020, in Toronto, Canada, by a group of young Brazilian entrepreneurs. The idea was to share the knowledge that each one had acquired in the financial area in order to help other people to achieve an economically healthy and balanced life. You know that idea that everything related to economics and finance is boring and difficult to understand? It is precisely to deconstruct this concept that we exist. Bringing knowledge and information about the financial market in a quick, direct and uncomplicated way, to anyone, is the core reason of the Fineasier blog!

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Quality Content

Quality Content

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Read it / Access it from anywhere

Tips to Improve your Financial Life

Tips to Improve your Financial Life


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Leonardo Rodrigues

CEO and Co-Founder

Almir Lucena

CFO and Co-Founder

Ana Paula

Marketing Manager

Clara Cavalcanti

Content Manager

Lettícia Figueiredo


Lorena Lopes