How to Apply to Your Reflex Credit Card


Later We Knew Some of The Pros of the Reflex Credit Card, Now We Will See The Cons, that are Basically Resumed About The Fees, the Reflex Credit Card has Lot’s of Fees but it Doesn’t Make it a Bad Card You Only Need to Know How to use it, and Avoid the Avoidable Fees.

No Rewards Program

Unfortunately, The Reflex Credit Card By Now Doesn’t Offer a Reward Program but it Can Change in The Future.

No Sign-up Bonus

No Sign-up Bonus, as it is a Credit Card for Everyone Even Those Who have a Poor or no Score Can Have a Reflex Credit Card, So it’s Normal Not to Offer a Sign-up Bonus or a Reward Program.

Annual Fee

The Reflex Credit Card has an Annual Fee that Varies From U$75 up to U$99 Paying This Fee Annually Can be a not a Good Deal but if You Learn How to Use the Reflex Credit Card You Can Enjoy its Benefits and Make The Fees Almost Irrelevant.

High Apr

The Apr Fees on Reflex Credit Card are Applied in 2 Situations, On Credit Cards Expenses and Withdrawals, The Apr Varies from 24.99% up to 29.99%, this Must be Used Wisely, So You Will Avoid Extra Debit.

Maintenance Fee

In the First Year, it Won’t Be Charged After The First Year You Will Pay an Annual Maintenance Fee of U$120, It is Charged a U$10 Monthly but If You Have a Credit Limit of U$1000 or More This Monthly Fee Won’t be Charged, You Also Don’t Have a Fee for Card Inactivity, You Won’t Pay Any One-time Fee, No Membership Fees, No Additional Card Fees.

If You Use the Reflex Credit Card Wisely it Will be a Good Tool to Help You Build a Decent Credit Score, to Use The Reflex Credit Card to Help You Build Your Credit Score You Must Pay All Your Debts on Time, You Also Should Use it at Max 30% of the Credit Available Monthly.


The Reflex Credit Card is Good for the Ones That Want an Unsecured Credit Card, Have Poor or No Credit Score, and Want to Build One.

How to Apply  

The Application Process is Simple and Fast Even if it’s Your First Time.

What Are the Required Information?

To Make Your Reflex Credit Card Application, First of all, You Have to Verify if You Pre-Qualify to Avoid Damage to Your Credit Score Verify Here.

After Verify, You Will Need These Documents and Must be Able to Prove That They Are Legit.

This Information Varies from Institution to Institution, but in General, This is The Required Information.

Required Information:

  • Full Legal Name
  • Social Security Number or any Equivalent Document
  • A Full and Valid Address
  • Annual Income
  • Living Costs

After Have All This Information Reunited Click Here to Apply.

Normally You Will Be Answered Instantly if Your Proposal Was Accepted or Not but in Some Cases, it Can Take More Time up to 30 Days.

Get You’re your Reflex Card

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